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Friday, 2 May 2014

You Can't Vote No Borders - Only Direct Action can make it happen!

The British establishment has started employing its usual dirty tricks in an effort to prevent Scottish independence. Its latest wheeze is an astroturf campaign called Vote No Borders. It's the brainchild of a millionaire Tory-donor financier, Malcolm Offord, who describes the Union as the "best club in the world" and has given £5000 to start a "grassroots campaign". He is apparently oblivious to the fact that grassroots campaigns are not the result of bankers showering a little of their filthy lucre on to the peasants in order to get them to campaign to preserve the status quo that continues to reward him while ignoring them.
To really piss us off, the whole thing is being overseen by Acanchi, a PR Consultany which specializes in “Country Branding” and which is responsible for trying to whitewash the aprtheid state of Israel (see 'here').

This is a quote from Mr Offord; 

"I don't want to leave the union. It works for me. In fact, I rather quite like it. It's rather like a cup of hot chocolate and I'd like to keep it.' 

That would be a cup of hot chocolate with a 300 year history of slavery, imperialism, war, theft, exploitation, and promotion and exportation via the barrel of a gun of the the most virulent, aggressive and anti-human form of "free-market capitalism" presumably.

The really anoyying thing is, the real No Borders is a real grassroots campaign for solidarity with all migrants and has been in operation for years in Glasgow and elsewhere. Some of the people involved with No Borders in Glasgow are understandably pissed off at this astroturf campaign and have set up a new website called Can’t Vote No Borders. The URL is:

The page will just share stop deportation stuff (like a site called No Borders should).

Wouldn’t it be good if everyone who put the phrase “vote no borders” into Google got the site above coming up ranked first rather than  one set up by the millionaire Tory banker?
Well this could happen. If you are a website admin or have your own website (a Tumblr site or a blog is fine) then you could add a link to the site above. Share the URL above around. You know it makes sense.

The Streetlamp team