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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Griff says; Who says I'm afraid to rock?

Despite Gordon's impressive efforts (see the preceding article, below) I still don't totally see the attraction of The Butthole Surfers. However, rumours that I am an introverted, folk-loving beardy who is (gasp!) afraid to rock are very much exagerated. In an effort to dispel this rumour, and also to bring some great music to your attention, I have not just one, but two, top-class tunes for you tonight. And not a ukulele or banjo to be heard!

The first song is an amazing little indie-pop number with a real Phil Spectoresque wall-of-sound feel. It also has a rather gory, but humorous nevertheless, video to accompany it. The song is 'Never Come Around' by La Sera. La Sera is the solo project of Katy Goodman of Vivian Girls and All Saints Day. This is the first material from her debut solo album, also called La Sera, which is due for release on the Hardly Art label in February of next year. The MP3 can be downloaded for free at the Hardly Art site or you can go there to purchase the physical single or pre-order the album. Here's the aforementioned video:

The next song I want to mention came out earlier this year on an amazingly good indie rock album by the band Ralpheene (pictured).
If you like the jagged, guitar-driven indie-rock of The Strokes, or the fiery glam-riffing of Placebo, then you'll love this lot. They made two of the songs available as free downloads on both CLLCT and PureVolume and, criminally, I forgot to mention it on the blog at the time. I'd like to remedy that now. The track I'm featuring is one of the free ones, called Lovely, and is from the album Quiet Seems Asleep. This really is excellent.

Ralpheene-Lovely by SadPanda


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