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Friday, 3 December 2010

Griff says; The heat of the moment

I've got just the sort of thing that I like to write about on The Streetlamp tonight, and that's an artist that I can't really write about. And the reason I can't properly write about them is that I know very little about them. So welcome to The Streetlamp's latest obscure, yet strangely gifted, music find; Spaceheater. Here's what I have gleaned from my extensive research (30 minutes on the internet);

Spaceheater released the four track Great Suspension EP on bandcamp on 27 November,

Spaceheater is essentially Elsa (pictured), who wrote the songs and plays all the instruments and is also the drummer of The Penfield Mood Organ, a post-punk garage band from Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

According to Elsa's, currently fairly minimalist, blog she recorded the songs last year around Thanksgiving.

Errrmm... that's it.

Well almost. I should also mention that Spaceheater's music is a wonderful, lo-fi, garage concoction which should appeal to admirers of Tiger Trap or The Shop Assistants. Like the latter, Elsa is able to switch nicely between 'hard' and 'soft' modes, as the following two tracks will demonstrate.

I hope you enjoyed those as much as I have. If you want to download the Great Suspension EP you can do so at bandcamp. Alternatively, as bandcamp now rather meanly limit artists number of free downloads, you can download it here.


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