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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Griff says; Get on board with Doble Pletina

I hope you've all had a nice break; I have, and I've also got something rather special for my first Streetlamp piece for 2011. The band is called Doble Pletina (Double Deck) and is a boy girl duo, Laura Antolín and Marc Ribera (pictured), from Barcelona, Spain.

The duo have newly released a freely downloadable 6 track demo album on bandcamp and when afficianados of these 'Griff says' articles hear it they will recognise just why I'm so excited by them. First of all, the music is the perfect blend of lo-fi, twee, acoustic pop much favoured by this writer. Secondly, there is the sweet boy/girl vocal combination. And lastly, and by no means least, they are purveyors of an instrument I have rhapsodised about previously on these pages; the wonderful, and sadly neglected, musical saw!
The band also do a nice line in lo-fi but effective home-made videos. Here's the video for track two on the album, Aftersun. When I first heard the combination of the bossa nova rhythm and the light and dreamy female vocal I knew I was in love!

Doble Pletina - Aftersun from Doble Pletina on Vimeo.

Rather fine, don't you think? This next video is for track 6, Guadalajara.

Doble Pletina - Guadalajara from Doble Pletina on Vimeo.

The driving drum beat and the strange, reverb-laden, electronic 'plinks'on this rather remind me of a Joe Meek production. The Spaghetti Western style backing vocals are also a nice touch. I've a feeling that Gordon might warm to this track as, despite our many differences, we're both absolutely agreed on the sheer magnificence of both Joe Meek and Spaghetti Western music.

To further illustrate the Joe Meek-style, outer-space eccentricity of Doble Pletina, and to demonstrate the spooky magic of the musical saw I'll leave you with Gravedad Cero (Zero gravity)a track from the band's En El Spacio demo single, released on bandcamp in November of last year. Enjoy!


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