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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Griff says; To those who may wonder where wonders do wander

To those who may wonder
where wonders do wander
they wander until wilting away...

It's almost a year now sice The Streetlamp first (ahem) 'burst on to the scene' and interestingly enough my very first post was about the CLLCT musical collective and their wonderful dream of bringing free music straight to your PC. Looking back through the Streetlamp archive, I see that, since that first post, I've written about CLLCT bands a further seven times. Quite a good return for CLLCT, and proof that it has served as a rich source of material for this blog. I'm pleased, then, to bring yet another CLLCT band to your notice tonight. The band is a six-piece called Cream Trees and they hail from Rockford, in far northern Illinois, USA. Last month the band released a six track mini-album, called Wandering Wonders, and made it freely available to dwnload on both their CLLCT page and Reverbnation page. I've been listening to it for the last few weeks now and it just keeps growing on me. On their CLLCT page the band describe their music as experimental pop. Personally, I think it has a strong psychedelic flavour and is more folk than pop; to these ears it's not a million miles away from Streetlamp favourites Luna Moth. So, file under psychedelic folk or, if you prefer, use the band's own rather fuller definition:

"Cream Trees are the perfect soundtrack for the easy hours, after you have changed out of your drab work clothes and are ready to intoxicate your senses. Each note seems to have a place in time, endlessly resonating and delivering immediate aural pleasure. Slow spectral glides evoke feelings of love, indulgence, bliss, and contentment. If you seek melancholy- look elsewhere."

As a tater, here's the opening track 'Here We Are Again', which has the most catchy melody ever and comes on like an adorable, psychedelic Fleet Foxes.

Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Now go and check out the other tracks, you won't be disappointed.



  1. Wonderful band and article. Thanks for bringing them to our attention.
    -Luna Moth