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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Free Streetlamp T-shirt competition

Hi all, just a short post tonight to remind you all that the competition remains open to win a free Streetlamp t-shirt. You may remember the original competition post 'here'. Of the entries so far recieved, none have come close to capturing in full all of the many and varied Streetlamp cultural references, so there's still a great chance to win. The competition will close at the end of this month.

To take part in the competition, here's what you have to do. Take a long hard look at the picture, above. In true Streetlamp psuedo-intellectual style we have posed our model on top of a random selection of pretentious records and books; some well-known, some obscure; which were influential on The Streetlamp teams cultural development. Your job is to see how many you can recognise. Stick your answers on an e-mail to along with your name, address and t-shirt size (state if you want male or female fit). The person who recognises the greatest number of The Streetlamp's precious cultural artefacts gets a free t-shirt. Simple!
Think it looks kind of hard? Don't worry, here's a clue; the photo contains 23 books, 28 7"singles and 26 12" albums and singles. Still too hard? Ok, to make it really easy, have a look at the pic minus the model, which you can download 'here'.

We look forward to hearing from you. And remember, The Streetlamp would like to continue to build on its strong year one foundations, so if you're in a band, or if you're an outsider artist of any stripe, or if you fancy submitting an article, get in touch.



  1. will you send free t shirt to israel?

  2. Yes, providing you win the contest, of course. Good luck!