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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Griff says; Let's get Dekadent!

Regular readers will need no introduction to Symfoniorkestern as I've previosly written about them 'here' and 'here'. On that last occasion it was to inform you of the release of the official video for their excellent song Sommardepression '11, which I intimated was part of a soon to be forthcoming EP. The release of that EP is now upon us, in actual fact it was released at the beginning of the month but I've rather sadly not had time to write about it yet, despite it being a frequent visitor to the Streetlamp's figurative turntable during the past fortnight.

Anyway I make up for that now by presenting to you Symfoniorkestern's latest wonderful release 'IV' (below) with the recommendation that you have a listen to track 3; Get "Dekadent" Or Die Trying. This track is something of a departure from the collective's usual slightly folky indie-pop, and with its high-energy, fuzzed-up guitar, horn backing and hand-claps is reminiscent of a rockier version of The Go! Team. I, for one, am rather fond of it.

Symfoniorkestern - IV by Symfoniorkestern

As ever, the songs are available as free MP3 downloads from the band's website. You can also download then from soundcloud and The band can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

I'd like to close by reposting the video for Sommardepression '11, which with its faded and scratched sense of times past always evokes a feeling of melancholia in me.



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