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Sunday, 11 September 2011

~This Elegant Chaos~#9: Paralléles

If there is one thing I've always hated about some other music Blogs, it's the levels of laziness the owner applies to their posts. I really hate it when people just post a Youtube clip with nary an explanation, or post some download link to some obscure album with scant information about it, or why we should even consider downloading the damn thing!
So it is with rather shamed face that I present tonight's annoyingly short Blog, but this is not out of laziness, but due to the fact that I can find precious little about the band on the Internet.
So.....what follows is really ALL I know about this band, but I am so absolutely enamored with them, that to not share this with you would be a crime.
So let's hear it for the Garage Goddesses that are Paralléles....
Paralléles are an all girl Garage Rock band from Sao Paulo in Brazil. The girls are all former members of various other Garage, Punk and Indie bands from the region, namely The Fuzzfaces, Mercedes, The Transistors and Infect. The line up is Tatiana Sanson on keyboards and vocals, Paula Villas on guitar, Carol Caliman on drums and vocals, and Andreia Crispim on bass and vocals.
Viewing the minuscule amount of information about the band on the Internet, the one band that seems to come up time and time again as a comparative influence is 80s Garage queens The Pandoras, but personally I hear more of a Micragirls influence, with a soupcon of ? And The Mysterians' parpy Farfisa thrown in for good measure.
As it stands, the band have one release out; a limited edition blue vinyl 7" from Portugese Label Groovie Records which comprises the songs 'Voce Só Corre' and 'Juan Miró', although they do have some other songs on their Soundcloud page.
Both sides of the single are presented below.

The band have made a couple of appearances on Brazillian TV(see clip below) and according to their Groovie Records page, there should be some European live dates later this year.

I cannot recommend this band or this single highly enough, and I, for one await future releases like a dribbling fram(now there's a Garage Punk reference for you!)

You can download both sides of their fine single here