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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Griff says; Chalk and Numbers - school of classic pop.

It's not so long ago that I confessed to The Streetlamp's love of the bouncy and breezy pop candy-floss that is the classic 60s, girl-group, pop sound (see 'here'). So, if you're frequenting these pages in the hope of finding more music in that vein ( or, perhaps, just want a break from the melancholy, maudlin indie-folk I'm frequently touting) then tonight is your lucky night. The band I'm featuring tonight are a girl/boy duo from Brooklyn, New York, US who both have previous form in the world of indie music. The boy in question is Andrew Pierce ( formerly of Nouvellas and The New Rags) and the girl is Sable Yong (of Year of the Tiger). Together, they record under the name of Chalk and Numbers and in January of this year they released their debut EP, entitled 'He Knew', to widespread acclaim. The EP is available as a free download from their bandcamp page and if you like Camera Obscura, the Beach Boys or the Phil Spector sound ( I've certainly just pushed ALL of our Gordon's buttons) then you'll love this band.
The songs are written and arranged by Pierce and, in order to capture that authentic retro 60s feel, are apparently recorded using vintage analogue equipment. I've embedded the EP's stand-out track, 'When Summer Is Through', below to whet your appetite:

Now go check out the rest of their stuff!


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