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Friday, 4 May 2012

Griff says; London Calling - Say Hello to The Tuts

It should now go without saying that The Streetlamp team like nothing better than an all-girl, pop-punk trio. Really, if this is news to you then you've just not been paying attention for the last two years. To be honest, I'm not really sure why we feature so many bands with that particular configuration; it just seems to be that if you take three girls and shake them up with a blend of guitar, bass and drums that it seems to produce the most fizzy, poppy, irreverent cocktail imaginable.
Anyway, our latest find in that category are The Tuts from Hayes, London. The trio have known each other since their schooldays, and their energetic brand of indie-pop is all self-written by vocalist Nadia. The full band line-up is:
Nadia- Vocals and Guitar
Harriet- Bass and vocals
Beverley- Drums

The Tuts don't have any records out yet, but will soon be releasing a 4 - track CD containing the songs; I Call You Up, All Too Late, Beverley, and Lying Lover (acoustic version). Keep an eye on the band's website for more details. They have also just completed their first ever video, directed and edited by Jennifer Doveton and Sam Brackley, for the song I Call You Up. Have a look and listen:

Excellent suff, I'm sure you'll agree. A free MP3 of that song can be downloaded from the band's tumblr page and also from their soundcloud page. The band can also be found on Facebook, and more tracks can be heard at Reverbnation.
It's worth noting at this point that Harriet, the bass player, is also a member of the wonderful Uxbridge pop-punk band Colour Me Wednesday. The Tuts' acoustic version of ‘Lying Lover’, which can be seen and heard 'here', also features Jennifer from the same band on harmonies. I thought that this was a good enough reason to indulge in a spot of Tory bashing, a favourite Streetlamp sport, and stick up the video for Colour Me Wednesday's Purge Your Inner Tory:

Ah, yes, that hits the spot! The full Colour Me Wedneday line-up is;
Danny Gardner - Bass
Harriet Doveton - Guitar
Jennifer Doveton - Vocals, and
Sam Brackley - Drums (did you spot the names of The Tuts' video directors in there?)

A free MP3 of that track can be downloaded from the band's soundcloud page. Colour Me Wednesday are also on Facebook.
Both bands seem to gig fairly regularly, so keep checking their websites to see if they are playing near you.

Griff xx


  1. These are both great - thanks for the tips. Purge Your Inner Tory dedicated to everyone who voted for Boris Johnson.

  2. Thanks.. I think Boris wouldve probably used it in his campaign if he'd heared it, he seems that thick..