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Saturday, 16 June 2012

GREECE: Our Present is Your Future

I'm just back from a march and rally in Glasgow today, jointly organised by the Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees, Positive Action on Housing, Unity and NCADC, the whole event supported by the STUC. I have written recently about the ongoing fight in Glasgow to stop the UK ConDem government and their proxy Serco's vicious attacks on refugees in Glasgow who are seeking asylum (see 'here'). I was interested to note a placard brought by a guy who'd travelled all the way from Sheffield to attend, which simply stated; "First They Come for the Asylum Seekers".

The paraphrasing of Pastor Niemöller's famous warning to history seemed appropriate on a day where our rally had to break up early and we were ushered off to safety by the police, who were  concerned that we were about to be attacked by fascist thugs. As the world sleepwalks into fascism, the parallels with Nazi Germany couldn't have been clearer. There we were, hundreds of concerned people, commited to social justice and extending the hand of friendship to our brothers and sisters from around the world, most of whom have been forced to flee to us for sanctuary because of the machinations of Western governments and corporations. Who is so concerned with what we had to say that they would seek to attack us? What is so dangerous about our message of peace, love and friendship that there are people in Scotland who will try to physically intimidate us to stop us spreading it? Our cause is supported by the major churches in Scotland, we were being addressed by an elderly Bishop of the Catholic Church, for God's sake. Will the forces of fascism physically attack a dignified old gentleman because he dares to oppose their message of racial hatred? As I have already stated, the annals of history have recorded this sort of thing before and we can not, must not, allow it to happen again. The people of Scotland, the people of all the World, must stand up for what they know is right. As one of the speakers commented;  
"There are some causes that you just know, deep down in your soul, and with every fibre in your body, are right".
Hate cannot win - we must not let it win.

With these thoughts fresh in my mind, I was pleased to see that the Reel News film 'GREECE: Our Present Is Your Future' is currently on tour in the UK. A visit to the Reel News site will bring you up to date with the rise of the fascist right in Greece. Their film will also let you see the front line of the social war that’s engulfing Europe, and allow you to join in the discussions on how to deliver practical solidarity and build a Europe wide movement against austerity too.
What are you waiting for?

The UK Tour dates are:

Friday June 22nd 7pm HACKNEY Halkevi Centre 31 – 33 Dalston Lane, London E8 3DF (with Hackney Trades Council; part of Turkish Kurdish International Labor Film Festival)

Saturday June 23rd 11am-4:30pm LONDON UNITE THE RESISTANCE CONFERENCE Bloomsbury Baptist Church, 235 Shaftesbury Avenue, WC2H 8EP

Thursday June 24th: 7pm Stroud Transition monthly film screening @ The Exchange, Brick Row, Stroud GL5 1DF (selection of Reel News films and Debtocracy)

Wednesday June 27th LANCASTER time and venue tbc

 Thursday June 28th 6pm GLASGOW The Albany Learning and Conference Centre, 44 Ashley Street G3 6DS (with Camcorder Guerillas and Woodlands Community Garden)

Also Thursday June 28th: 7:30pm HARINGEY Chestnut Community & Community Arts Centre, 280 St. Ann’s Road, N15 5BN (with UNISON North London Mental Health & Community branch)

Friday June 29th 6:30pm BRIGHTON The Cowley Club 12 London Road BN1 4JA (with live bands from Spain)

Tuesday July 3rd BRISTOL time and venue tbc

Thursday July 12th BRIDPORT 7:30pm (day before Tolpuddle festival starts) St John’s ambulance hall, Rax Lane DT6 3JJ (with Autonomy Films)

Friday July 20th – Sunday July 22nd GLOBALISE RESISTANCE FESTIVAL Tapeley Park, Devon

Wednesday July 25th NEWCASTLE 7:30pm The Star and Shadow cinema, Stepney Bank (opp. Tanners Pub)

 The Streetlamp will be at the screening in Glasgow, if you fancy attending this free event you can find details 'here'.
Hope to see you there!


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