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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Griff says; Ready for some riot grill?

Happy New Year, everybody, I've something a little bit light-hearted for you this evening. I think you deserve it after last year's final, long and rambling post about the German Revolution. Regular readers will know that the Streetlamp team are big fans of the subversive children's animation series Adventure Time, so you'll not be surprised to learn that we were rather pleased to stumble across tonight's track free on bandcamp. The song is called Bacon Pancakes and the band are called Lady Boners. If you need us to spell out the sexual innuendo in any of that last sentence then award yourself 100 innocence points and prepare to listen to a song that to you is all about food and to us is about something else entirely.

 I really rather like that. I hope you do too. The track is available as a free download on bandcamp and appears to be a demo. I know nothing about the band other than that it seems to consist of four young women and is based in Orlando, Florida. If you can fill in any of the blanks then drop us a line.

For those of you who are not Adventure Time fans, the song is a rap based around a short jingle sung by Jake the Dog, who sings it while making breakfast in the episode "Burning Low." The original song was written by Rebecca Sugar. In the show, the Jake the Dog character frequently makes ambiguous remarks which can be interpreted in a risqué manner. Here he is in action:

The cover art for Bacon Pancakes was inspired by the art of Kitty Cassandra.
And for no reason other than that her art is rather sweet and the Streetlamp team are all cat lovers, here are a few samples:


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