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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Eats, shoots and plays indie-pop

 While Griff is away storming the barricades of the establishment etc etc, it's up to me to keep the flame of twee indie-pop flying high. I'm going to do that with a song from a few years ago, but which I never get tired of hearing. As you, no doubt, know by now, we here at The Streetlamp love our furry little friends, none more so than the panda, which is our totem animal who came to us in a collective hallucination in Gordon's house one night. 
So, the other day, whilst meandering through the enchanted musical forest of Last FM, I came across a secluded clearing that I had not visited in many years. Fate must have guided me here. My heart leapt as once again I was greeted by the poptastic sound of Papa Topo and their signature tune Oso Panda, blasting from my speakers like an exotic bird calling to its mate across the jungle canopy (you've tortured this jungle metaphor long enough, Ray. Let it go! - Griff).

Here it is now, and as befits a great pop song it has a great pop video:

So who are these half animal, half human hybrid musicians? 

Papa Topo was originally a Spanish indie pop duo formed in 2008 by Adrià Arbona Orero and Paulita Demaiz Since that time, Paulita has left and the band has expanded into a six piece. Oso Panda was Papa Topo's debut single and it is a perfect encapsulation of the Spanish twee pop sound. It was released in 2010 by Elefant Records with whom the band are still signed. Whether they'll ever match the perfect pop vibe of their debut though I just don't know and I don't suppose it really matters - with Oso Panda they have made just about as good a pop song as anyone ever has. You can download it for free too 'here' .


1 comment:

  1. Nice! the voice and mood reminds me of Deerhoof's song Panda Panda Panda :)