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Friday, 14 May 2010

Griff says; 'Open your ears wide and say Aaahh!'

Today I'd like to talk about another of my favourite netlabels, namely aaahh-records. Purveyors of 'free and charming music', aaahh-records are champions of Creative Commons Licensed music. In their own words:

"We would like to introduce a quote from Richard Stallman who once said: “[…] To understand the concept, you should think of “free” as in “free speech”, not as in “free beer”". Although he was talking about free software, we would like to apply this attitude towards “free music”. So, all the songs realeased by our label are not only free in price. They carry the freedom to share, to remix and, of course, to listen to wherever, whenever and however you like.
Like many other netlabels, we would like to give you an interesting answer to the ongoing changes in the so-called music industry. But hold it .. in case you think we dislike good ol’ cd and vinyl, you should know that we will offer you real records, too - records you can touch, lick or nail to your wall. The difference is that the balance between free music and expensive records will be turned upside down. So again, “free”, in this sense, implies music the artist wants to share with the world, because he/she doesn’t like to see his/her music as an inflexible or colourless product."

If you've been paying attention at all to this blog you'll recognise that the above philosophy is music to my ears. However, a philosophy itself doesn't make a great netlabel. To win that description the label must also give us wonderful music. In this respect aaahh-records does not disappoint. Those of you who share my love of indie-folk pop will be delighted to make the acquaintance of acts such as 'The Wind Whistles'

and Emilie Lund

Sad blue mountain, by Emilie Lund from ictioscopio on Vimeo.

aaahh-records are also responsible for the release of work by one of my favourite artists of recent years; the incomparable Julia Kotowski who goes by the rather unwieldy moniker of 'entertainmentforthebraindead' but makes music of unsurpassed originality. Readers of 'Streetlamp' can expect a feature on Julia to follow very soon. In the meantime, as a present to you from aaahh-records in honour of their second birthday they have decided to compile some of their favourite remixes as a free download album. This can be downloaded from their homepage and, as if that's not good enough, there's more! They are giving away 10 unique handmade physical copies for free and will even ship them to you. If you would like a chance to win this wonderful remix compilation as a CD, you can send them an email, their address is: They will pick 10 of you by a magic wonder randomizing algorithm and contact the winners via email. What are you waiting for?


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