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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Griff says; 'Step into The Garden'

Aaaaah, now this is the sort of thing I just love; an odd, but charming, little lo-fi folk-pop song by a musican about whom I know absolutely nothing. The song is 'Garden', the artist appears to be a solo musician who goes by the name of 'It's Just A Kitten' and other than that I could find out very little. I stumbled across this on bandcamp and was immediately hooked by the fantastical lyrics, the earnest vocal delivery and the toy-piano solo. Even better, the song is available as a free download. Hurrah!
<a href="">garden by it's just a kitten</a>

The bandcamp page states that the vocal part and all of the music is performed by Justin Kitten, and there is a myspace page, which gives the extra information that he is based in Lyon in France. If anyone out there can provide any more information on the mysterious Justin then please do share it with us here at 'The Streetlamp'


1 comment:

  1. Wow.

    I'm simply amazed that someone accidentally paid a visit to my page (i'm not gonna lie to you, you're probably the 4th person who've heard this song, the first three being close friends) and, even more, liked my song.

    I don't know anything about you as well but you just made my day. Thank you very much for your kind words.