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Friday, 16 July 2010

Griff says; The Kat Returns!

We're back in Germany for some quirky, experimental, laptop-folk tonight. This should appeal to those of you who enjoyed previous Streetlamp recommendations
'entertainment for the braindead' and 'Lady Lioness'.
'The Kat Cosm' is a project based around the twin song-writing talents of Sebastian Skalei and Jana Plewa (pictured).

The duo have two previous releases under their belts; 2001's 'Sophie Playing the Recorder at School' (Klangkrieg) and 2004's
'Knightboat' ( Klangkrieg/Staubgold).

After a few years break, Sebastian and Jana have spent 2010 working on a new album.
The good news is that it's due to be released this October. For those who can't wait until then, the better news is that we have a preview of some of the tracks for you today on Streetlamp and also that the whole album is available now as a free MP3 download 'here'. Hopefully that should whet your appetite for the release of the actual physical product.

The new album is entitled 'By Creatures They All Fear' and is a mixture of gentle, acoustic instrumentation combined with delicate, minimalist electronics. Both Jana and Sebastian write the songs, provide vocals, play guitar and every now and then try their hands at different instruments and devices. I particularly like the lazy, jazzy sounding guitar which features on several of these new songs. Overall, the Kat Cosm sound is probably best described as folktronica and should win fans among admirers of artists such as Juana Molina or The Long Lost.


The Kat Cosm - 01 Deep Down Stone by The Kat Cosm

The Kat Cosm - 02 Dezision by The Kat Cosm

The Kat Cosm - 04 the Fields by The Kat Cosm

The Kat Cosm - 10 Aluco by The Kat Cosm

The Kat Cosm - 12 Sandra by The Kat Cosm


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