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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Griff says; Stay at Home with The Suzan

As you know, we're rather fond of noisy, energetic, all girl groups here at The Streetlamp and if they're cute and Japanese to boot then we simply fall head over heels. We're very happy then that today sees the international release of 'Home' on limited colored vinyl 7-inch and as a digital single with b-side 'Uh Ah' by The Suzan. We're even happier to tell you that you can download the a-side for free at the RCRD LBL site. The Suzan are sisters Saori (guitar and vocals) and Rie (keyboard and vocals) who formed the band in 2003, later recruiting friends Ikue (bass) and Nico (drums). The band's unusual name is taken from the sister's family name.

The Suzan's music in the past has been exciting if fairly orthodox punk pop but this latest single with it's driving tom-tom beats, xylophone melody, surf guitar solo and chanted vocal has a more adventurous and unconventional post-punk feel to it. This September the girls will be releasing their full length album 'Golden Week For The Poco Poco Beat' with Fool's Gold Records and it will be interesting to hear fully how the band's style has developed.

Here's a superb video of the girls' raw and primal 'You Know Nothing' from 2007.

And here's the new single 'Home'.


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