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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Griff says; Could Nicely Dressed be 'the one'?

Hello pop-pickers. So, you're looking for a brand new indie-pop band to champion, are you? Someone fresh, young and resolutely poppy but with a slightly gauche touch that gives the music the little edge that just adds to the charm. Well, you've come to the right place. I'll admit it, I had originally intended witing about an established indie artist who you would have liked for sure, but whom you could have read about on a dozen other indie-pop blogs. As you should know by now, that's just not the Streetlamp way. No, we believe it's our duty to bring you those artists that you might otherwise have missed.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen I give you 'Nicely Dressed'; a trio of unseasoned young musicians from East Flanders in Belgium. The band comprises of; Laura Deschepper: Vocals, Piano, Guitar & Songwriting, Anton De Boes: Drum, Bass, Guitar, Piano & Songwriting and Tim Vanderbeke: Guitar. They have one song on their myspace page and one song on Bandcamp and in both cases it's the deliriously chipper little number 'If I Could Be the One'. Have a listen (below) and then take the opportunity to help yourself to the free download. I really don't know much about this lot but I firmly believe that if they can keep knocking out songs of this quality then we'll be hearing a lot more about them, not least here on the Streetlamp. Remember, you heard it here first!

<a href="">If I Could Be The One by Nicely Dressed</a>


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