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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Griff says; I'm feeling swooky, s'okee though.

mkf is the pop psuedonym of San Francisco resident, and one-woman creative powerhouse, Maria Kristie Fabila (pictured). mkf released her album 's'okee' on bandcamp in 2008 and it's squarely grounded in familiar 'Griff says' territory. You know the drill by now; quirky, lo-fi pop with a broken-hearted, soft-voiced girl accompanying herself on ukulele. Think Wisdom Tooth, Shelby Sifers, Madeline Ava and a host of other Griff favourites to get the picture. And there's certainly nothing wrong with that picture, let's face it, it's a winning combination. However, in April of this year mkf released a further album on bandcamp entitled 'sunday morning phase'. This short (5 track) recording seemed to promise more of the same, albeit with more polish, until track 4 'Lead Me On' kicks off. All of a sudden we've moved from cute twee-folk and are straying into 60's girl-pop territory with amazingly effective results.
<a href="">lead me on by mkf</a>
And if you think that's delightful and unexpected, the final track; 'I Wanna Do Stuff' has mkf breaking cover and storming into full-on Shangri-Las or Ronettes mode. I promise you, it's exhilirating stuff. I leapt from my computer chair and jived uncontrollably around the stately Scottish mansion from which Streetlamp broadcasts to the world and, believe me, I rarely do that.
Given the above, I'm delighted to see that this week mkf has released yet another freely downloadable track 'swooky' on bandcamp. This is apparently the first track of an EP to be made fully public in October of this year and it continues wonderfully from where 'sunday morning phase' left off. How would I desribe it? Let's just say that if you've been longing for an outbreak of super-cute, lo-fi, doo-wop, electro-pop to shake up the world of indie then 'swooky' is the answer to your prayers. But don't take my word for it, have a listen:
<a href="">swooky by mkf</a>
When she's not shaking up the world of indie, Maria is a freelance graphic designer (available for creative freelance work in the Los Angeles area if you're interested). I mention this as I want to finish off with the brilliantly creative video for her song 'we belong in ____, baby' from 's'okee'.

Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Now visit bandcamp and support this artist.


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