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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Griff says: Kitten - free to good home.

It's been a quiet old week; Gordon is off sunning himself in the Mediterranean like a latter day Lord Byron, leaving me to mind the shop. Of course, as usual, I've been keeping my ear to the ground but I just wasn't hearing anything worth passing on. I began to wonder yesterday whether I should just declare September a Streetlamp holiday...and then, just when I least expected it, serendipity knocked. And this wasn't just a good find, this goes into the category of excellent find. So who's the band? Well it's not really a band, it's the soundtrack to a film, as yet unmade, called 'Elephants and Cars'. The film is the project of Scott Marson who hails from Swadlincote in Derbyshire. He describes it thus:

"Elephants & Cars is a short thriller about my uncle Jarek. The plot involves Jarek arriving at East Midlands Airport with a suitcase and instructions written on his hand. The film follows his journey; to his aunty and uncle's house, on the bus to his new job, to the shops, and back again. The difference is it's through the eyes and mind of a paranoid schizophrenic - a tense, foreboding, surreal and often funny day as he slips in and out of reality. I wanted to show what it must be like for someone that hears voices loud and clear, and can see things that no-one else can.

I have been writing songs for this project for the past ten years and filming for the past two."
Scott has released some of the songs that he's written for the film on Soundcloud under the moniker 'Kitten Pyramid'. In the main, the songs fit comfortably into the indie-folk genre but there's rather more to the music than that. W.H.A.L.E. has a short, strongly-melodic, traditional rock 'n' roll, pop structure that'll make you want to leap out of your chair and bellow "Whale!" at the top of your voice. Don't believe me? Have a listen:
W.H.A.L.E. by Kitten Pyramid

The more folky songs have a gentle, introspective air and the vulnerability conveyed in the vocal delivery, as well as the vocal harmonies employed, reminds me a little of Robert Wyatt. Have a listen:

3hrs by Kitten Pyramid

Seahouses by Kitten Pyramid

Fire by Kitten Pyramid

Like what you hear? Good. If you're interested and you are a secret millionaire, or have usable blackmail photographs of the rich and famous in your possesion, then you can contribute to Scott's project. Work in progress continues on 'Elephants & Cars' and Scott is looking for a producer, if anyone's interested? If you're not a secret millionaire and you still want to help then spread the word, visit Scott on Facebook or Twitter and give him a pat on the back. Remember, many of the songs featured are available to download freely so, at the very least, go along and say thank you.



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