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Friday, 18 March 2011

Griff says; Rainy night in Austin

Just a short blog tonight to bring you up to speed with the latest songs from our old friends; quirky indie-pop duo, champions of Creative Commons, and all round nice guys, Julandrew (pictured below). We've written in more detail about them before 'here' but, in a nutshell, Julandrew are Julie and Andrew; a pair of free spirits who currently live in Austin, Texas and make lovely, poppy, music for the whole world to enjoy. The duo have been posting their music online since 2008 and have become something of an internet phenomenon. Check out their website (love that 'cost of U.S. wars' counter, wonder if we can get a UK equivalent?) and their Jamendo page.

Last year our own Ray did a wee video for their song 'Wait Just A Litle Bit Longer' and he has been something of a confirmed fan ever since. In a fit of enthusiasm, he's now decided to make two more videos for their latest single releases. The first is for 'Don't Wanna Wake Up' (this is my favourite as I like the psychedelic dream sequences, it's like he can see inside my head!).

The next is for the more melancholy 'Raining' (which Ray tells me is his favourite).

As ever, the songs are available as free downloads. Julandrew are quite the evangelists for Creative Commons licences and they appreciate the exposure it gives them. However, if you do like the songs enough to download them and want to do something in return then you should send them a nice e-mail to say thank-you. They'll like that.



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