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Monday, 7 March 2011

Griff says; The Revolution will not be online!

I spent some time this weekend with the amazing students who have, since Tuesday 1st February, occupied the Hetherington Research Club at Glasgow University. The Free Hetherington, as it has now been rechristened, has been peacefully occupied in protest at the government's cuts to education and wider public services. Since the establishment of the Free Hetherington, it has become a focus for anti-cuts activists; whether students, lecturers, or simply supporters, and is a cool and friendly place to hang out. The Free Hetherington statement of intent reads:

"On 1st February 2011 we reopened the Hetherington Research Club as “the Free Hetherington”, an open, friendly, community space for staff, students and supporters. University management had closed it last year, rejecting business plans that could have saved this vital resource.

We believe that the Hetherington is an essential part of the community, and could not allow it to remain closed. We believe that, in this age of austerity and cut-backs, we as citizens should fight to keep the services and community spaces we need and deserve.

Come visit us for tea, coffee, discussion and events."

If you're in or around Glasgow have a look at the events on their Facebook page and drop in to show your support. Those of you not in the vicinity of Glasgow do not fret. If you've decided, in the wake of the latest insult to the ordinary people of Britain, that it's time to get angry, and that membership of Avaaz or 38 Degrees, laudable as it is, is no longer hardcore enough then I'm sure you can find something closer to home 'here' or 'here'.

Ok, now for some suitable music to go with my mood, this is after all a music blog. I came across this recently and thought it was a really smart modern update of the classic Gil Scott-Heron track:

The artist is Skuff who is a member of the Delegates of Culture hip hop crew. The track is taken from the Deep Covers Project, which is;
"An ever changing projec of cover versions and rip offs." All of the tracks are, of course, freely downloadable and Skuff suggests that you should, "Check back for updates; this album will never be finished!"
Skuff's other releases can be heard/downloaded 'here'.

For those of you too young to remember it, here's the original:

Can music really change the world? If it's this good, just maybe.


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  1. Here's the official video that goes with it:

    Thanks for the mention!