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Monday, 24 October 2011

Griff says; I'm a 99!

Last Saturday, the 22nd October, at 3.00pm in George Square, the Occupy Glasgow movement, plus their supporters, collectively agreed the initial statement below.

1 The current system is unsustainable. It is undemocratic and unjust. We need alternatives; this is where we work towards them.

2 We are of all ethnic backgrounds, genders, generations, sexualities, dis/abilities and faiths. We stand together with occupations all over the world.

3 We refuse to pay for the banks' crisis.

4 We do not accept the cuts as either necessary or inevitable. We demand an end to global tax injustice and our democracy representing corporations instead of the people.

5 We want regulators to be genuinely independent of the industries they regulate.

6 We support the strike on 30 November and the student action on 9 November, and actions to defend our health services, welfare, education and employment, and to stop wars and arms dealing.

7 We want structural change towards authentic global equality. The world's resources must go towards caring for people and the planet, not the military, corporate profits or the rich.

8 We stand in solidarity with the global oppressed and we call for an end to the actions of our government and others in causing this oppression.

9 This is what democracy looks like. Come and join us!

The Stretlamp was there to witness this (and added our 'jazz hands' to show approval) and we are delighted that the Occupy movement now has some local presence. We, ourselves, are too long in the tooth to be camping out in George Square over the Scottish winter but we will do whatever we can to support the occupiers. You can too, just check out 'here' to find out how you can become involved. Those of you who don't live near Glasgow can find out about the Occupy Movement near you by searching on-line.

You can also make donations for the movement by purchasing the single 'I'm a 99' by Nomadic Firs on bandcamp. All proceeds go to the cause. If you can't afford to donate then download the single for free 'here' and then post it on-line on your blogs, play it on your podcasts or send a copy to all your friends.

Nomadic Firs is the psychedelic bedroom-pop project of Ryan Boos. Based in Knoxville, US, Ryan garners inspiration from his home life. With his wife leading the way, they are faithfully building a sustainable Urban Farm.

As he says himself of 'I'm a 99':

"This song was recorded to offer some semblance of support to all the 99er folks protesting all over the world. Its not nearly enough, but I hope it can add a back drop to the fight!

Back Up Vocal By Ann Milner. In the photo (above) Tea Leigh, check out her music on soundcloud. Please Please DOWNLOAD FREE AND SPREAD THE WORD!"

Ray of The Streetlamp has made a little video (below) to accompany the song in the hope that it will help spread the word. Please feel free to embed the video in your blogs etc. Nomadic Firs music can be heard and freely downloaded 'here'.

---The Lyrics----
A shot wrung out in the middle of the square
Nobody was there
Nobody cared,
-They all came Round
to see what's where
to see whose fair
to see whose next

-Stop Them Now
the media dare
the media glared
the media dead

-Round them out
to kids with dreads
smoke whats left
then ditch their bags

-Its all us now
together again
wishing we were fed
from the 1 percent.

-Stop them cows
from taking our beds
and burning whats left
putting us in debt

-Not right now
laying in regret
pain they left
no second best

-What happens next?
no more livin' in the tents
the kids are pissed
its the end of congress

-Join together now
its hands in hands
everyone's here
doing their best

-Call them out
put them to the test
no more stress
shut the office

-It's all us now
together again
wishing we were fed
from the 1 percent.

-A shot wrung out in the middle of the square
Everybodys's there
Everybody cares

The Chorus
I'M A 99

OK, Streetlampers, spread the word, and remember;
We Are the 99%!



  1. Thank you so much for putting this together. And sharing it. I hope it finds the people, ONE MIC EVERYONE, 99%.

    Ryan Boos
    Nomadic Firs

  2. Fantastic! I like it when "protest songs" are not in-your-face. Musically speaking I love the production and the hazy sound. Politically speaking, it's very inspirational