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Friday, 7 October 2011

Griff says: Strew palms where they advanceth

Back in February of this year I wrote a piece on Holiday Records (see 'here'), a US netlabel offering free downloads of some rather fine indie-pop music. In particular, they seemed to have cornered the market in exciting garagey surf-pop à la The Drums, but a little rougher. Unsurprisingly, really, as one of the co-founders of Holiday records is Jacob Graham, The Drums guitarist. In that article I wrote:
"I first came across Holiday Records in 2010 via the music of sublime Russian indie-surfpop band Palms On Fire (more of whom in a future blog)."

I intend to fulfill that promise tonight as Palms on Fire have lately released an excellent new single, 'Birds in a Supermarket'. This lovely little slice of indie-pop is backed by the equally appealing 'Simple Perfect Life'.

Both tracks are available as free downloads from the band's soundcloud and pages. At both of these sites, latecomers to the Palms on Fire experience can also freely download their two previous EP's. So what are you waiting for? Here are the two latest tracks to whet your appetite:

Excellent stuff, I hope you'll agree. The band line-up is;
Anna Kislova
Max Kislov
Konstantin Korolev, and
Anton Bochkarev.

Rather interestingly, for purveyors of a surf-pop influenced sound, they hail from Izhevsk, Russsia - hundreds of miles from the sea but home of the AK-47 rifle, fact fans.

I should also mention at this point that there are no links to the Holiday Records site in this article as my anti-virus has been refusing to download that page for over a week now. I'm not sure why, all I know is that I keep getting a severe-looking red-edged warning whenever I try to do so. I suggest you tread there with caution yourself.


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