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Monday, 5 December 2011

Griff says: The transmission of affect - Mellow Dramatic Avenue

Just over a year ago you may remember me writing about 'Through the woods, divided', the sixth album by melancholic, Swedish, post-rockers Mellow Dramatic Avenue (see 'here'). If you do, you'll also remember me praising this band for their introspective, down-tempo style, which I described as, "perfect listening for a dark, rainy evening". Well, tonight it's snowing here in Scotland rather than raining, but you'll still be pleased to hear that Mellow Dramatic Avenue have released a new suite of moody and nocturnal songs, just in time to play us through those long, dark winter's nights ahead.

Named Transmission, it is the seventh album from the band and, as usual, it's released on their own Kakadua Partnership label . It contains ten songs and was recorded during 2011 in Studio Rönnehill in the countryside in the South of Sweden. Large parts of the songs were recorded live in the studio, a technique the band adopted to try to capture and preserve feeling and atmosphere within the music. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the songs were recorded in the exact order that they can be heard on the record.

Transmission will be officially released in January 2012, but is now pre-released for your immediate listening pleasure. As with all their output, the band have made the album available as a free MP3 download on;
soundcloud, and

To give you a little taster, I'm embedding Track 1, 'You Called The Light' and Track 10, 'Broken Down Nightingale' below:




  1. "this is good!" said my girlfriend while i was listening, and i agree

  2. Your girlfriend has good taste, Pierre. But then you knew that already!