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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

~Winter Wassailing~#19: 'Santa, If You Do Exist'

I'm afraid it's a bit of a short Wassail tonight, not because of any lack of quality in the music, but purely down to there not being much for me to go on, nor indeed much to share with you. Tonight we feature another song that was sent to our e-mail address, and once again, rather surprisingly, we REALLY enjoyed it. So....despite a lack of info to impart with you tonight, I'm still going to crack on with it.....

Tonight's Christmas song is called 'Santa, If You Do Exist' and is by a Brooklyn based composer called Jeremy Coleman who plies his trade under the moniker of Jmo. The song in question is a rather jaunty little Indie-pop ditty with rather a touching message. It's all about the negativity and crushing disappointment of adult life, yet how at this time of year the belief in Santa Claus and therefore the Christmas spirit in general can break through all the pessimism and broken dreams. Jeremy admits himself that the song is shot through with a certain 'Jewish cynicism', but I still think it's one of the best Festive songs I've heard in a long time, and one whose message I give in to.

Sadly, no video accompanies the song, neither can it be downloaded; but you can stream the song here

Looking further into Jeremy's musical output, I discovered that he is a member of an Indiepop quartet called Murder Mystery who have some rather splendid tunes out there.
Take for example this fine song called 'I Am(If You Are)' which, if you liked our Blogs on 8-Bit Music, Kraftwerk or Evening Lights then I'm sure you're going to love this:

Murder Mystery have a really cool website where you can download the song featured above for free, as well as a whole raft of other songs if that's piqued your interest. You can find their website
It's one of the cool things I love doing about this Blog; you set out to write about a particular song or artist and you stumble upon a new favourite band complete with a whole caboodle of free songs.

The Christmas spirit is most definitely alive!!


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