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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Griff says; Liechtenstein - Forward Thinking

Good news for fans of all-girl, political, post-punk pop trios - which takes in all of the Streetlamp writers and a sizable proportion of our readers too, I'd hazard - Liechtenstein have just released their long-awaited, 'difficult' second album. Hurrah! We've only had to wait five years since the release of debut album 'Survival Strategies In A Modern World'.
We, of course have written about Liechtenstein before on the Streetlamp (see 'here'). At that time I was quite excited about the release of their excellent 'Passion For Water' single. In that blog, I described them as:

"reminiscent of some of the great post-punk pop of the past such as Delta 5 and, most especially, another of my own long-time favourites Girls At Our Best!."

I went on to say of Passion for Water that:

"It's a wonderful piece of bass-driven, girl-powered, punky pop and I urge you all to check it out."

I don't think I can improve on those descriptions, so I'll simply state that Liechtenstein's classic line-up has expanded to a quartet and is now Renée, Elin, Ulrika, and Emma (Naemi and Teresa having left the band) and that they hail from Sweden.( all past and present band members pictured below)

Their new 11 track-album Fast Forward (including Passion for Water), and their back catalogue, is available through Sweden's Fraction Discs' site (home of the equally impressive La Sera). At that same site you can download a free digital version of Track 1, Ambition. Alternatively you can visit the band's page for your free download plus several other fine tracks. Or you can simply download Ambition below:

Here are official videos for two more tracks from the new album:



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