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Monday, 8 October 2012

Griff says; Allo Darlin'

This is quite extraordinary - when I sat down to start writing this I thought I would begin by saying; Allo Darlin' need no introduction to readers of the Streetlamp, having featured before in...
and that's when I realised that we've not written about them before.
This seems like an extraordinary oversight as they tick all the Streetlamp boxes - you know, twee jangly indiepop with explicit overtones of C-86, early Creation, Sarah Records, Postcard Records etc. Basically, all of the things that saw our Gordon through the 80s (well all that and lots and lots of red wine). I also know for definite that Ray is a fan. Anyway, for some reason we've never written about them before, so I'm going to remedy that right now.

Allo Darlin' are a London-based four-piece led by smart and quirky Australian song-writer Elizabeth Morris, who also plays the guitar and the ukulele and sings. The remainder of the line-up is:

Michael Collins (not that one obviously, Irish history fans) -  plays drums and sings

Paul Rains - plays guitar and lapsteel and sings, and

Bill Botting -  plays the bass and sings

The foursome got together at the beginning of 2009 and released their first single, the magnificent, and magnificently-titled, "Henry Rollins Don't Dance" on WeePOP! Records that summer. They were signed to Fortuna Pop! shortly thereafter and their self-titled debut album was released in June 2010. They spent much of 2010 and 2011 on the road in the UK, Europe and America before releasing their second album "Europe"  in May of this year on Fortuna POP! in Europe and Slumberland Records in America. This week sees the release of the third single from that album, the quintessential Allo Darlin' jangly pop singalong Northern Lights. Have a listen:

Allo Darlin' - Northern Lights by Slumberland Records
As you can see, Slumberland Records are offering a free digital download of the track but I hope that you'll like it enough to check out the band's two excellent albums, which are available from either the Fortuna Pop! or Slumberland Record sites.

To finish off, and especially for our Ray, here's the aforementioned Allo Darlin' twee-pop classic Henry Rollins Don't Dance:


1 comment:

  1. Wow
    Cant believe we haven't written about them before Griff
    Such a great sounding band :-)