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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Grrrls say; Shut up, Griff, we'll take it from here.

OK, so this is a Griff says piece with a difference in that I'm about to attempt to not come off as a patronisingly erudite and all-knowing wank ( Gordon - "Yeah, that'll be the day!"). And the reason for my sudden reticence is that those lovely people at Riot Grrrl Berlin have just released the latest of their wonderful All Free Music Collections (seen previously 'here' on the Streetlamp), with the title of 'Mansplaining on the Dancefloor'.

With that kind of title I'm going to limit myself to saying that this new release contains 35 free riot grrrl/feminist music gems well up to the standard we've come to expect from these Riot Grrrl Berlin compilations. There should be something on this album to please virtually all music tastes and you'd be mad not to download it right now from 'here'.

If you're interested, I've posted below my three current favourite songs from this release.

First up is 'Crayons', a nice piece of angular punk-pop, from South London based all-girl trio Cat Bear Tree.

Cat Bear Tree are guitarist/vocalist Zoe Konez, bassist/vocalist Claudia Mansaray, and drummer/vocalist Sarah Smith. Deriving their name from a kick ass cat and a cowardly bear, Cat Bear Tree formed in March 2011 and and are currently gigging all over London and beyond.

Check them out on their band website 'here' or on their facebook page.

Next up is the muscular, alternative rock tune 'SuperSHE' from G.U.T.S.

G.U.T.S. ( an acroynm of Give Us The Strength) are a Washington DC based, all female, 3-piece indie rock band formed in 2009. The band line-up is Tiik on guitar/vocals, Tina on drums, and August on bass.

Check them out on their band website 'here' or on their facebook page.

Last, but not least, is 'Fast and Frightening', a tasty slice of  post-punk surf-noir from Luise Pop

Luise Pop are a four piece who combine elements of electropop, post-punk and surf music to atmospheric effect. Hailing from  Vienna, Austria, the band comprises of Lisa Berger (keyboard, vocals), Vera Kropf (guitar, vocals), Erin Stewart (bass, backing vocals) and Martin Lehr (drums). 'Fast and Frightening' is, of course, a gloriously unexpected cover version of a song originally written by legendary female rock band L7 (Shit! I've started mansplaining again!)

Anyway, you can check out Luise Pop on their band website 'here' or on their facebook page.


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