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Friday, 30 April 2010

Griff says; 'Rawr! It's Lady Lioness.'

With the release on bandcamp this month of her third album,'The Glimmer and the Gleam', the time is ripe to introduce you all to the delicate, lo-fi, intimacy of 'Lady Lioness'.Modestly self-described as sounding; "Like cats fighting, babies crying, children whining and tragedy making itself known in a playful manner", 'Lady Lioness' is the solo project of singer/songwriter Erin Cavellier (pictured) who hails from Burlington, Vermont in the US. We here at Streetlamp HQ would, perhaps more accurately,describe her gentle and reflective song-writing style as wistful, acoustic, folk-pop.

In this latest album, as in her previous two releases; 'Where the Current Goes' and 'A Cub and a Den', Erin's distinctive and slightly haunted-sounding vocal accompanies her own light and minimalist playing to create music of genuine poignancy. To see what I mean, I recommend you have a listen (below) to her cover of Goffin and King's classic 'Will You Love Me Tomorrow?'(from 'Where the Current Goes'). I must admit here that, sentimental fool that I am, I personally find almost any recording of this song heart-rending but Erin's stripped-down and fragile ukulele and vocal version is just agonisingly touching in its simplicity. We also include below for your listening pleasure the breathy and sorrowful 'A Cricket Song' from 'The Glimmer and the Gleam'. Finally, as a special treat, we also have available the sweet and playful video for 'Tag, You're It!' (from 'A Cub and a Den') to show you the poppier side of Lady Lioness and to demonstrate that despite all of the serious stuff above Erin's a blithe and sunny wee thing really.

<a href="">will you love me tomorrow (the shirelles cover) by lady lioness</a>

<a href="">a cricket song by lady lioness</a>

Thanks to icavellier for the video.

Like all of my recommendations on 'Streetlamp', 'Lady Lioness' makes all of her songs available as freely downloadable MP3s. She has also recorded songs in the past as 'Paws without Claws' and as part of the duo 'Boat Castle'. This music is also freely available.

If you want to make friends, Lady Lioness is on Facebook and Myspace.

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