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Monday, 26 April 2010

Griff Says; "Wild Honey. Me Gusta!"

Given the ideals and philosophy of this blog, now seems like a good time to tell you about the latest project from 'Wild Honey’.
This month they have released a new song; ‘Prevent the Road from Being Buried by the Sand’ (listen to it on their website) and have also been playing live as part of the presentation of La Doropaedia´s new issue.
La Doropaedia is a thematic fanzine that features articles, songs and pictures around a single topic. This new issue is about the concept of the Commons. For this issue, 'Wild Honey’ have provided ‘Prevent the Road from Being Buried by the Sand’ ,a song based on this idea, that was written, recorded and mixed in less than a week.
'Wild Honey’ is essentially the project of twee-pop/indie-folk music genius Guillermo Farré (pictured below) and his group of friends and is based in Madrid, Spain.

Guillermo says of ‘Prevent the Road from Being Buried by the Sand’:
“I had to study what Commons really was, a legal and philosophical concept hard to include in a song. What I liked about it was that it has roots in the idea of collective works and in the concept of shared goods and services, which I think is present in many Woody Guthrie songs (and in many other protest songs from that era, of course). I tried to give the song a twist putting it into a different context, writing about the end of the feudalism and the moment when people in villages started to manage their own lands.
In the end, I tried to mix a Woody Guthrie song with a Joe Meek style production, keeping the acoustic guitar but filling everything with noises and tremoloed guitars.”

Here at ‘The Streetlamp’ HQ the idea of a song that mixes Woody Guthrie with Joe Meek makes us quite weak at the knees. We hope you’ll be similarly smitten. For a taster of the ‘Wild Honey’ sound check out the video below (featuring Guillermo, Anita Steinberg and Cristina Gomez).The featured song ‘Isabella’ is track 8 from Wild Honey’s debut album; ‘Epic Handshakes And A Bear Hug’ (released 29 October 2009) which can be downloaded free from their ‘bandcamp’ site.

Thanks to for the video.

If you enjoyed that and, like me, can’t get enough of sunny folk pop featuring; glockenspiel, ukulele, and whistling then have a listen to two more songs from the same album.

<a href="">Done It Forever by Wild Honey</a>

<a href="">Brand New Hairdo by Wild Honey</a>

If you want to make friends, then Wild Honey are also on Facebook and Myspace.

1 comment:

  1. Hello there!
    Guillermo from Wild Honey here. Thanks a lot for your kind words, I'm so glag you liked my songs. Greetings from Spain!!!