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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Minor's Strike

Hello Children,
Here is today's story.
Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin....

Once upon a time there was a little Lo-fi Bedroom-pop band named ~Sighrens~.
They loved nothing more than creating their hearfelt, tender songs of lost love and faded memories and sharing them with their good friends and the like-minded souls out there in Internetland. They built up a little community of friends and musicians who made music that they allowed to be streamed online and downloaded for free. It was a happy time for all and big companies that allowed them free reign, Myspace, etc, seemed content to let them do as they pleased. It was all smiles in the happy valley.

One day however, the Big Bad Wolfwhores decided that everyone was just a tad too happy and decided to remove all access to full track streaming. Thus, all the little popkids were deprived of hearing tracks in full before they decided to download or buy new music. This proved calamitous to all the little, non-profit making musicians who suddenly found themselves deprived of the oxygen of free publicity.
It would appear that some greedy so-and-so's(Hello Gene, Hi Lars) just can't stand the idea of free music for the people. They really feel the deprivation of that whole 79p per track.

And so there was a great wailing and nashing of teeth in the valley....

And lo, ~Sighrens~ feeling mighty aggrieved at the greedy capitalist whoring of millionaire rock musicians cast themselves from the garden and decided to try and forge a new community where their friends and the fellow musicians whose music they so treasured dearly could frolic freely away from the clutches of 'The Man'.

This Blog and it's accompanying links and side projects will hopefully be that new garden of beautiful music and harmonious cordiality.

We can but hope....

To download all of ~Sighrens~ music for free please visit our page by clicking 'here'.

~The Sad Panda~

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