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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Griff says: Get yourself some 'Awesome Sneakers'.

With the release yesterday of 'Awesome Sneakers' by The 1959 Hat Co., now would seem like an excellent time to introduce you to the marvels of WeePOP! Records. In their own words;

"WeePOP! is a lo-fi indiepop diy record label out of london. We're dedicated to limited run, lovingly hand-crafted, assembled and numbered, wee tactile packets of lo-fi POP! A label for all us record geeks, who still love to hold something in our hands, something collectible, something special and tactile - something to awe over, to read and thumb through while listening to our newly purchased music! Powered by bedroom diy ethics, this is our love for music and bands and our love of being music fans, doing something for the bands of whom we adore their music. This is about us giving something back, and about having fun doing it."

WeePOP! have a busy Summer scheduled. In the next couple of months, as well as The 1959 Hat Co. EP, they also plan to release new work by Stars of Aviation, Let's Whisper, The Just Joans and Lê Almeida.

However, the Summer bonanza starts with the aforementioned 'Awesome Sneakers', a 3-track EP by The 1959 Hat Co., whose music has been described as; "Breezy indiepop that fits snugly between the Postcard sound of Orange Juice/Aztec Camera and that of their American counterparts, like Honeybunch, Allen Clapp and True Love Always".

Presented in beautifully hand screenprinted covers, the Awesome Sneakers EP was officially released on June 5th and can be ordered from the WeePOP! release page now. The title track is also available as a free MP3 for listening and downloading on the release page.

WeePOP! can also be found on myspace and


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