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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

~This Elegant Chaos~ #2: Eux Autres

The Best In New Indiepop Music: #2 Eux Autres

I've got a little treat for you today, Portland-based indie-pop duo Eux Autres have just released a free digi-single. In anticipation of the return of the greatest sports event on the planet they've spent the last week writing and recording 'World Cup Fever 2010'.They describe it as; "a love song to our favorite tournament of all time".

We here at 'Streetlamp' are already big fans of Eux Autres, ever since the release of the albumCold City on Happy Birthday To Me Records in 2007 (check out the sublime Molly from that recording). Now that they've added a football theme to their heady mix of melodic garage pop we're happier still.

My colleague on this blog, bearded indie-folker Griff, normally teases me for my over-elaborate descriptions of a band's sound, e.g. "This band sound like a cross between BMX Bandits and The Siddeleys on their way to Jacques Brel's graveside in a 1950's double-decker bus driven by a drunken Nick Cave". However, on this occasion the band have beaten me to it as they describe themselves on their myspace page as sounding like they're;

'Riding shotgun with Jacques Dutronc while The Vaselines eat fried Mars bars in the back seat on the way to Françoise Hardy’s house where Super Furry Animals are playing snooker with Helium and "Dusk at Cubist Castle" plays on the stereo'.

I couldn't have put it better myself!
The video for the song is below and the song itself can be downloaded from here.


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