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Monday, 21 June 2010

Griff says; Grab a pile of lo-fi!

Lo-fi is a rather inexact term, don't you think? As it defines the recording technique of the music rather than the actual genre it does admit an awfully broad spectrum of styles. This can make the search for the particular brand of lo-fi that you favour a rather exhausting one. We here at 'The Streetlamp' are here to help you out on this quest and today's tip for the enthusiastic DIY music aficionado is; "Grab yourself a pile of lo-fi!"

A Pile of Lo-fi! is a free monthly compilation series celebrating the creativity, ingenuity and resourcefulness of independent artists and features music that is hosted and supported by CLLCT.
A Pile of Lo-fi! Vol. I was released in April 2010 and featured songs by the likes of Tinyfolk and Wisdom Tooth.
Vol. II, released just one month later, featured songs by Garden on a Trampoline, One Beer Prophet and boy scouts, as well as songs from returning artists such as Accordion Boy and Dressed like Wolves.
Today, we're celebrating A Pile of Lo-fi! Vol. III, which was released on 15 June.

To give you a taster of the sort of quality you can expect on the compilations we've chosen our two favourites tracks and given them the 'Streetlamp' video treatment.
First off we have the excellent primitive pop sound of 'Blind For You' by Shalloboi, which will soon have you shimmying with it's classic I-IV-V chord structure and splashy tambourine beats:

Now we give you the dreamy 'Flashing Lights Have Ended Now' by Foxes in Fiction.

Both excellent, I'm sure you'll agree. Now go and check out more from both of these prolific and inventive artists and, of course, anything else that takes your fancy from Vol. III. And remember, for truly independent artists, every song you download and share, every tweet you retweet and every blog post you reblog, helps to ensure that the people who make the music you love will continue to make music for you to love another day.

For any musicians out there, submissions for future volumes of 'A Pile of Lo-fi!' may be sent to:
All you have to do to contribute is have a recording of one song and either attach it in an email or post it elsewhere and send a link. With advances in home recording, the definition of lo-fi is subjective, so there’s no need to think your recording is too rough or too shiny. It’s all about real folks sharing homemade music.
A Pile of Lo-fi! can also be found on myspace


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