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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Griff says; Something Wicked This Way Comes

Earlier on this month I admitted that October finds me "drawn a little to darker music...laced with an undercurrent of death, decadence and, dare I say it, sex." I then went on to promise you "a wee drop of the harder stuff" in time for Hallowe'en. Well, I like to keep my promises and tonight I've got an extraordinary d-i-y, lo-fi, renaissance woman who is a musician, video-maker, photographer and visual artist all wrapped up in one provocative package.
I'm referring to Sophie Nadaud of La Seyne sur Mer, France who records, blogs and makes videos under the name of 'Madame B'. Sophie describes her music as;
"Instinctive and emotional D.I.Y music recorded at home using bass, guitar, keyboard, beat box DR110, banjo, ukelele and everything I can find around."

Don't be fooled by the banjo and ukulele reference into thinking this is more of Griff's indie-folk shenanigans. No, this is doomed, Gothy, post-punk weirdness with attention grabbing titles such as; Raped by Bitterness Fuck Off, Dead Bitch and (ahem) Fingerinme. So, no twee, gentle insubstantiality in that lot, I think you'll agree! Personally I can hear a bit of Lydia Lunch and early Siouxsie and the Banshees in Sophie's music. Those of you who enjoyed Gordon's recent Rosa Yemen tribute may perhaps also see some similarity to Lizzy Mercier-Descloux.
I came across Madame B on and was immediately hooked by the first song I heard, which was the provocative 'I'm Sorry That I Hate You'.

I'm sorry that I hate you by Madame B

I do like that song very much indeed but I must admit I would love to hear it with a live drummer. The Madame B page is well worth a visit as all of the songs featured on there, and there are scores of tracks off half a dozen albums, are available as free MP3 downloads. There is also a Madame B Youtube page and this is where Sophie's art really comes into its own; with the fusion of her own fierce, experimental music and vampish visual imagery. Below are a few of my favourites videos from that site but there are many more which are well worth a look during the dark winter months.


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