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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Griff says; Boo! It's mkf!

Hopefully, you'll remember my previous blog about ukulele pop cutie mkf, otherwise known as Maria Kristie Fabila (pictured). At that time we previewed her sweet and spooky little song 'swooky', which was a real Streetlamp favourite, and informed you that it was "the first track of an EP to be made fully public in October of this year". Well guess what, boys and girls? The full 7 track album is now up and available for listening/downloading here on bandcamp. The album, also called 'swooky', is that rarest of beasts; an indie-pop concept album, the concept being ghosts, and is perfect Hallowe'en listening. The album features tracks with titles such as 'just one spook' and 'no body nobody' as well as Maria's own unique and magnificent take on the old Patsy Cline standard 'Walking After Midnight'.

This being mkf we also have to bring you the obligatory 'clever little video'. In this one a multi-tracked Maria covers The Lovin' Spoonful's 'Summer in the City'. Yeah, we know that it's October in Scotland and that there's currently snow on the hills, but you'll have to take Maria's word for it that in California it's "really hot". Now, throw another log on the fire, close your eyes and pretend.


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