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Monday, 30 July 2012

Griff says; Father unknown?

Today sees the launch of the free single 'Frances' by Glasgow-based band Father Sculptor. You can pick it up for free over on their bandcamp page and hear their other tunes as well. Father Sculptor are recording and releasing a new song every fortnight throughout the summer of 2012, which are available as free digital downloads, so do keep an eye on their bandcamp and soundcloud pages. Frances is a soaring, majestic, slightly melodramatic, 80s sounding pop anthem of the sort the band seem to specialise in from what I've heard so far.
Father Sculptor seem to draw adjectives such as ethereal and epic to describe their sound and it's safe to think of them in the same sort of vein as other Scottish acts as Frightened Rabbit or The Twighlight Sad but with an added Smithsian overlay. Their last single Rhein, released a fortnight ago, has an unmistakably Marr-like guitar riff, for instance.
As regards the personnel of the band I know very little as they choose to go by the following psuedonyms:

Stringer Bell (throat)
The Greek (keys)
Poot (fingers)
Cutty (skins)
D'Angelo (spine)

I've had it pointed out to me that these are the names of characters from US TV drama series The Wire. I'll freely admit that the significance of this escapes me as I don't indulge in TV cop shows and won't until one gets aired that explains criminal behaviour within the context of a Marxist analysis of Western culture. Yep, I could be waiting for a while. Anyway, here's Frances:


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