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Friday, 6 July 2012

Griff says; Grrrls, don't ever let them silence you.

I'm feeling pretty hyped writing this tonight as I have something really special for you. And what's more, it couldn't have come at a better time. Most of you will be aware that, as well as contributing to this blog, which generally means listening to hours of new music submissions, I also work full time and am involved in various union activities and political campaigns. This can mean that I sometimes  feel as though I'm taking so much punishment that I'm out on my feet. The good news though is that all it takes to get me back into the ring for the next round is finding something exceptional to put on the blog. The other reason tonight's blog is significant is that I'm pretty sure it will cheer up our own Gordon no end. You see, last Saturday, Gordon and I popped into our favourite Glasgow watering hole, the 13th Note, only to realise that we'd completely missed a gig, just the night before, featuring Scragfight, Gastric Band, V is for Vagina and Ana Boom Boom Trash. Those of you who are aware of Gordon's inclination, nay his ardour, for riot grrrl music will realise how crestfallen he was at this discovery. So, tonight, this glittering treasure trove of music I'm about to lay at your feet is also a wee something to put the spring back in Gordon's step, and God knows he needs it after spending most of last weekend listening to me banging on about anarchist theory.

So, what is it that has me so excited? Simply that the Riot Grrrl Berlin collective have just released (4th July) their latest free music compilation. Called 'More Music-Less Macho', this 44 song compilation has been my constant companion for the last 48 hours and can only be described as overwhelmingly brilliant, and what's more it features the aforementioned V is for Vagina and Ana Boom Boom Trash. If you only download one of my music recommendations this year, this is the one to go for. The music is wonderfully diverse, so don't imagine that it's all punk thrashing - although that music is represented here - and very fine it is too. But, this compilation goes way, way beyond that with an eclectic selection that ranges from a sensitive piano ballad to experimental electronica via gritty urban hip-hop. There are so many good tracks on this compilation that it has genuinely been really difficult for me to pick out a few to showcase on the site. I eventually picked three which together should illustrate the range of genres available but, quite frankly, there are so many gems on this that I might do a second piece later in the week to highlight some more of the bands. Yep, this compilation really is that good. So, have I got you interested yet? I certainly hope so. But if not, have a listen to the tracks below and then go and download the compilation, plus the previous three Riot Grrrl Berlin compilations if you're a latecomer, and tell all your friends about it.

Ok, first up is Edith Crash with 'Trop Vite Oublier'. I was able to find an excellent mean and moody video in existence for this fine piece of French noir-pop.

This is worth listening to simply for the percussion alone, I think. Edith Crash has a website 'here' as well as a bandcamp page featuring two albums available on a 'name your price' basis.

Next is 'Comics' by Executive Legs from Leeds who do a nice take on the sort of Casio punk that I've championed before on these pages. Have a listen:

The Executive legs EP, Leg It! can be purchased from their bandcamp site for a paltry £3 for the digital download or £4 for the CD.

My final offering from the compilation is a quirky piece of hip-hop called 'Places We Go' by Punk Rap Princess, from Orange County, USA.

As you know, I love a bit of hip-hop and this has the gritty, lo-fi quality that I really like. It also demonstrates how hip-hop and feminism aren't such strange bedfellows as some people would have us believe. Punk Rap Princess has loads more tracks available as free downloads on her soundcloud page.

I hope you liked those as much as I do. Now get yourself along to the Riot Grrrl Berlin site where you'll find an embarrassment of similar riches. Excpect much more from this source on The Streetlamp in the future.


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