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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Griff says; Saddle up for Lowpines

Back when we first started this blog we used to regularly point you in the direction of the wonderful, creative commons, indiepop netlabel EardrumsPop. For some reason, however, we seem to have rather neglected their output of late and I intend to make up for that tonight by reminding you of their presence by presenting their latest, free new single. The single in question is called 'Give Me A Horse' by the band Lowpines. From what I can gather, Lowpines is a duo consisting of Oli Deakon and Lyla Foy (pictured).

 Extreme indie-music anoraks might recognise both of those names in connection with Adventure Club Records. This is a label self-run by musicians, and over the last few years they have posted several free albums up in bandcamp by bands such as Bear Driver, Binko Swink, Olfar, Ian Williams & The Dead Flowers, Lee Scholfield and Brent Newman & The Broken Arrows.
Deakon and Foy were, of course, both in Olfar. Both, as far as I know, also continue to play play seperately in other bands - Foy in Binko Swink and Deakon in Bear Driver. The Adventure Time sound is generally in the Wilco/Sparklehorse mode. Namely, introspective and melancholy alt-Americana of the sort I've featured on these pages many times before. It'll be no surprise to learn then that the Lowpines single also fits that desription. Have a listen below:

LOWPINES - Give me a horse from EardrumsPop, the label on Vimeo.

As usual, the Eardrums download package contains; two other songs by the band, one of which is a cover of It's Not Happening by The Be Good Tanyas, a beautifully produced booklet, and a wonderfully illustrated cover art image. On this occasion, the artist is Sean Mahan.

Once you've paid a visit to the EardrumsPop page, please take some time to explore the various bands on Adventure Club Records, most of whom also have numerous songs available as free digital downloads.


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