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Friday, 19 August 2011

Playing catch-up with The Streetlamp - Doble Pletina and Kitten Pyramid

Just occasionally, we get a little snowed-under here at Streetlamp HQ and things that we meant to do get lost at the bottom of the in-tray or pushed to the back of the mind. It can be hard sometimes to follow-up on a band that had you raving ecstatically a year back, or even 6 months ago, when there are so many new bands, books and films jostling for your attention. Tonight, therefore, I'd like to re-visit two bands that we've featured before on the Streetlamp, but of whom we temporarily lost sight. The first is the wonderful Spanish, lo-fi, indie-pop duo Doble Pletina, who you hopefully remember me enthusing over back in January (see 'here' for details).

Well, it turns out that after releasing the 6 track demo album that had me so excited, they quickly followed up with a two-song single release in March. This was called marzo, and featured the songs 'Eso hacíamos' and 'Deseos a la primera'. Both are every bit as good as the previous Doble Pletina releases and that's why I'm so ashamed to admit that your normally, eagle-eyed Streetlamp team totally overlooked this release at the time. Ooops! Let's rectify that now by belatedly embedding both tracks and suggesting that you head over to Doble Pletina's bandcamp page, or their page, to pick up the free downloads and have a listen to all of their wonderful music.

The other artist who has been beavering away since his Streetlamp debut in September 2010 (see 'here') is film-maker Scott Marson. You may remember that Scott was working on a long term project called 'Elephants & Cars'. This was a short, surreal thriller about a day in the life of Scott's uncle Jarek, a paranoid schizophrenic. Scott had also been producing music as part of the film soundtrack under the name Kitten Pyramid and it was these songs; clever, folk-infused, pop nuggets, that brought him to our attention. Indeed, we liked the songs so much that one of them, W.H.A.L.E., even made it into our 2010 Streetlamp Festive Thirty. Kitten Pyramid is now a three piece, with Matt Salmonella joining on Bass/Production and Rob Refrigerator on Drums/Guitar. The trio have refitted W.H.A.L.E. and it can be heard in its latest incarnation below.

Still an excellent pop song I think. As well as this new improved W.H.A.L.E., the band have recently released, and made available as a free download, a new song called Emily the Mermaids, which, you can hear above, is every bit as good.
Scott has also finished the film trailer for 'Elephants & Cars', as well as completing surreal short film 'Sherley's Famous Cat Book'. I'm embedding both below.



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